Stressless Reno Base & Footstool


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The over pads filled with soft foam and height-adjustable neck support has made the Stressless Reno into one of our all-time favourites. It has become the symbol of what a great recliner should be; a comfortable, thought through and durable piece of furniture which gives you that great Stressless experience year after year. The comfortable neck rest can be adjusted up to 10 cm to support users that need that extra bit of length.

Reno Functions

Plus System

Finally, a moment to yourself to recharge your batteries. Watch a film, read a good book or just wind down. Lean back and notice how the chair follows your movements. The unique Plus™ system always gives you maximum comfort and support for your neck and lumbar region, regardless of whether you’re sitting or lying down. The sleep function is activated with a simple hand movement, making your moments of comfort even better. Sleep tight.

Glide System

Set the friction of the Stressless wheels once and adjust your sitting position simply by using your body weight.

Classic Base

With its unique stability and timeless design, this base has provided decades of exceptional comfort.

Signature Base

Soft, comfortable rocking movements and a striking design in a wood and aluminium base. A delight for both the body and the eye. Available in sizes S, M and L.


Small -Width:75.0 cmDepth:75.0 cmHeight:96.0 cmSeat height:40.0 cmSeat depth:52.0 cmFootstool height:40.0 cmFootstool width:55.0 cmFootstool depth:41.0 cm

Medium -Width:83.0 cmDepth:76.0 cmHeight:100.0 cmSeat height:44.0 cmSeat depth:52.0 cmFootstool height:43.0 cmFootstool width:55.0 cmFootstool depth:41.0 cm

Large -Width:92.0 cmDepth:80.0 cmHeight:100.0 cmSeat height:44.0 cmSeat depth:54.0 cmFootstool height:43.0 cmFootstool width:55.0 cmFootstool depth:41.0 cm

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Dimensions 75 × 75 × 96 cm

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